Recording Studio

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AGES:  13-20 and Adults

LESSON LENGTH:  30 and 60 Minutes


This is a fun class for anyone interested in learning about songwriting and recording.   The class is held in Music First’s professional recording studio.  Ron Turner a pro-engineer/songwriter with 15 years experience in the industry will be your producer and guide on your recording adventure.

Music Production Goals

--Compose song ideas

--Arrange and produce the song

--Record and mix the song

--The student will have a fully written, recorded and produce song at the end of the class.

Starting the songwriting/recording process

1. Pick and idea: This can be a phrase or riff you have written on the guitar/ piano etc or voice. You don't need to play an instrument to write a great song. 

2. The Producers Job: I start to analyze your work and record demos in the studio. We focus on arrangement and your vision of the song.  

The Producer/Engineering part

Now we start to make the tracks.

 --First, I like to work on programming the drum parts.  (This will help to arrange the song and set the tempo. )

--Then play or program bass, guitar, piano etc. parts (This will start to shape your song)  

The Song Recording 

Once the tracks are ready we make the song come to life.  If you are vocalist or Instrumentalist we can record those parts for the final ingredients of the song.

The  Mix 

Now that the song is recorded we can start to work the mix.  

-- The mix is where we take all the ingredients and start to shape them into a final song 

-- We work on equalization, compressing and analyzing of song. The magic is in the mix. 

Now you have a recorded and mixed song ready for mastering. 

Sheet Music




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